What is ERCPlus+?

90% of businesses qualify for these additional credits!

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Up to $9,600 credit per W2


7-16% Tax Reductions


5-10% Tax Reductions


15-21% Reductions

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We Help Clients Get Access to These Overlooked Credits

Did you know that there are many other tax and operational credits and reductions that are available to your business right now?

Similar to ERC, these credits and reductions get overlooked because they are not part of what a traditional CPA, Accountant, or Bookkeeper focuses on.

We partnered with Maranatha Consulting who specializes in these additional benefits to bring them to you at no cost or obligation.

Once you become aware of these benefits you will know exactly how to take advantage of them!

These will boost your profits an additional 10-30%+ in year one with no disruption to your business or supply base.

BBQ Restaurant $138,000

Senior Living $629,000

Manufacturing Plant $741,000

Investment Property $1,100,000

Use This Profit Boosting Calculator To Estimate Your First Year Benefits

Our Process

Follow These Simple Steps


Schedule a 15 min call with one of our ERCPlus+ Specialists. We use our proprietary software to identify the federal, state, and local opportunities your business may qualify for based on your industry, your location, and some high level information about your business.


Based on your potential benefits, we will book a 30 min follow up call where we will ask some additional questions and validate the opportunity with your dedicated project leader. This is 100% FREE to you. If we don't find and validate an opportunity or you choose not to pursue one, that's OK. There's no risk or obligation to you.


You tell us what you want to pursue and we go to work on your behalf. Some credits will be available within 2-3 weeks, others will take a little longer. We will keep you informed every step of the way.


When these additional credits and refunds are applied to your business they typically result in a 10-30%+ profit boost in year one. These go right back to the bottom line and you don't need to add more sales or disrupt your current business by making any supply base changes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I guaranteed additional benefits for my business?

No. However, the good news is that 90% of the businesses we speak with do have additional benefits available to them. So your chances are pretty good!

Where do the additional benefits come from?

There are a variety and we are always scanning the marketplace based on the federal, state, and local programs available. Based on your industry, processes, land ownership, and a variety of other factors we will be able to provide you a list of benefits in real-time. For example, there are currently hiring credits of up to $9,600 for new W2 employees. There's even a Disaster credit that is calculate up to $2,400 per W2 employee based on weather events in 2018, 2019 (based on your county YOU may qualify for those!)

Nothing is free...what are the fees?

There are no fees or obligations to discover what additional benefits are available for your business. When we identify benefits in the areas of specialized tax incentives or other operational cost reductions as a result of engineered studies or contract audits, we will tell you exactly what the next steps and fees will be. We take our fees as a % of the savings and therefore there's no risk for you. If we do not identify benefits and /or you do not move forward with our recommendations, there is zero cost to your business.

What documentation should I prepare?

We only ask you some high level information about your business on our initial call. This will be based on your industry and location and typically includes the following:

Commercial Property - Total Construction / Purchase Cost
Commercial Property - Total Renovation Costs (last 20 years)
Annual Real Estate + Property Taxes
Estimated Annual Payroll (not contractors)
Number of Employees Hired Annually
Annual workers comp premium
Estimated Annual $ Processed on Credit Cards
Amount $ monthly to cover prescription costs per employee

What if I just need funding for my ERC now...ASAP?

We have you covered! We have programs that can get you up to 85% of your ERC within 10 business days! The basic information you will need to apply for funding is as follows:
* Three months business bank statements (main operating account)

* Most recent business tax returns

* 941x Forms

When you schedule your 15 min call be sure to check the box that indicates you want funding fast!

Manufacturing Plant $290,000

Hotel Property $136,000

Auto Dealership $97,000

Funeral Home $146,000

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